These Stinger Missiles really pack a punch! Nearly 5 feet of rocket puts you right on the forefront of domestic fireworks. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! 

RRP £149.99 

Our price £55.00 

People say its the little things that make a difference, the Delta Force is a prime example. Perfect for low noise areas or an introduction to rockets for kids.

RRP  £20.00

Our Price  £12.00

Similar to the Stinger Missile but with a trick, double burst in each rocket! How can you say no to that?!

RRP £99.99

Our price  £45.00

A large array of rockets at an affordable price.Not the biggest of bangers but ideal for packing out a family display. 

RRP £39.99

Our price  £20.00

The Original Air hawk, a legend in its own right. High powered rockets at an affordable price, huge colour, huge explosions. Definitely one not to miss and one of our all time best sellers.

RRP £39.99

Our price  £20.00 or 2 for £35.00

Due to the success of the AirHawk we have seen the release of the Air Hawk 2 Extreme. The same awesome firepower as the original but with a double burst in each rocket.

RRP £49.99

Our price   £25.00 or 2 for £45.00

Because we know how much everyone loves our Airhawk/Airhawk 2 rockets we offer a special deal for 1 of each with extra savings! 

RRP £89.98

 Our price £40.00!!

They said variety is the spice of life, these rockets wont be as big as our Airhawk/Stinger Missiles but if your looking for big variety at a small price look no further!

RRP £89.99

Our price £38.00

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